Lefties Are Not Happy About The Apple Watch

Lefties Are Not Happy About The Apple Watch (h/t Buzzfeed).

This was the first thought I had when I saw the thing about using the crown to control it. (Silly me thought a “crown” was more of a bezel that went all the way around the watch. Like a diver’s watch or something.)

Now I’m thinking — that just won’t work! I’m left-handed, and I wear my watch on my right hand. If I ever have to use a “crown” I have to first take the watch off and hold it in order to change the date or wind it whatever.

Bezel would have been cooler.

Tablets More Popular Than Smartphones on Christmas Day – Business Insider

chart of the day, tablets more popular than smartphones as christmas presents, december 2012

Tablets More Popular Than Smartphones – Business Insider.

Not all that surprising, but still something that’s interesting to note for folks who¬†develop websites (or have websites for your businesses or ventures) or apps or eBooks or news. There’s more and more mobile out there, and it’s one reason I want to focus on publishing for tablets in 2013… I think we’re starting to see some serious volume out there of tablet users.

JPMorgan: Next-gen iPhone Could Boost U.S. GDP

Massive sales of next-gen iPhone could boost U.S. GDP

By Mikey Campbell

A research note released by J.P. Morgan on Monday estimated that sales of Apple’s next-generation iPhone may add between one quarter and one half a percentage point to fourth quarter annualized U.S. gross domestic product growth in 2012.

I’m not really sure if it’s a good thing that a single product could move GDP in the country, or that the end result will be even more cash sitting in Apple’s coffers. Hopefully it’ll mean some retail hiring for the holiday season and jobs stringing up 4G lines (does one have to “string up” 4G lines?) at the major (and minor) carriers.

Actually, if iPhone swells mobile broadband… that’s some infrastructure spending, right Professor Paul?

WSJ: “Apple Seeks to Create Pandora Rival”

Apple Inc. is in talks to license music for a custom-radio service similar to the popular one operated by Pandora Media Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, in what would be a bid by the hardware maker to expand its dominance in online music.


This could make sense… there’s nothing particularly unique about Pandora (not that I don’t appreciate it) and Apple might offer something that works with people’s data plans, encourages more music sales and can jump from Mac to iOS to Apple TV and elsewhere. It’s a move that would fit their strategy and offer a potential competitive edge over Android.